Friday, October 14, 2016

My workbench: Making some modular post-apoc rubble terrain using everyday items

Now that I built a post-apoc city block or two with 26 building ruins (as discussed here)..

..I still needed some rubble for our minis to climb over, hide, shoot and generally use it to block LOS. Having buildings alone is not enough..

I do have some car derelicts that I previously built (as discussed here)...

but it's not enough..

Once again, the dollar store to the rescue..

For bases, I bought a pack of CDs for $3 (who still uses CDs?) and some plastic and cork coasters for even cheaper...

The dollar store also has lots of $1-$2 cheap toys, garden stuff, wires, that also will be useful..

A good find were some cars that are roughly 1/48 scale for $2 per pack..

I only used 3 cars this time and quickly removed the wheels and scratched them up a bit..

I also have been buying Greek Feta cheese, and it comes with this blue grid to keep the cheese in place.. I have been saving these things with the plan to have them look like a steel grid you see in construction..

This $1 bulldozer front loader looks just about right for 28mm but it looks a bit cartoony.. Therefore, I won't use much of it. The scoop thing in the front can be an LOS blocker as well as somewhere minis can be placed inside for an ambush..

This garden thingy was cut up to make rusty metal "fence" while the long tube like can be cut up and used as a steel girder type..

 I have lots of foam, so I cut up small pieces to make blocks of stone..

I based them using air-hardening clay..

For most of these bases, I left a little bit of room for a mini to travel through and hide/shoot behind an obstacle.. The trick is not to let it get too busy on a base..

I unfortunately couldn't use spray paint as it would dissovle the styrofoam, so I had to hand paint everything..

I also put a rust wash on all the "metal" as well as metal rebar in the concrete..

I'm glad I remembered to put 2 wires at the end of some of the big blocks to make it look like reinforced concrete... It's a nice modern touch...

This was the top of that cartoony bulldozer..

 I put a mini on these two to see that the modular rubble scales nicely for 28mm...

It took a day's work, but it was necessary. You can't have a battle without terrain..

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