Sunday, October 9, 2016

My workbench: Assembling and painting 26 mdf building ruins

Well, now that I painted up some Terminators and bikers (as discussed here), I spent the better part of this lovely Sunday morning, birds chirping and all, painting some post-apoc buildings.

My buddy Jeff alerted me to this ebay sale of mdf building ruins.. 26 building skeletons for about £35 or $58 Cdn.. Which is a great deal even though I just wanted 10 or so buildings. That's $2.23 a building before shipping.

Say what you want about British gamers and their obsession with Napoleonic gaming and Games Workshop, but they take their terrain seriously.

I scooped it up on ebay and today is the day I built and painted it.

I dug it out of the packaging, all nice and wrapped up and spent about 1 to 2 hours taking carpenter glue and (using a q-tip) gluing the pieces together where they met.

... until I got 26 buildings.  I let it dry for two hours before I began painting it.

I had gray spray paint, but I didn't want to make my entire city gray, so I had to manually paint the ruins in different shades of concrete colour ( a lighter and darker tan, as well off- white) as well as grey, brick red and dark brown..

I let the paint dry, and then I added the piece-de-resistance and used black spray paint to give it that post- apoc je-ne-sais-quoi quality of destruction.. of old fires from the old world that consumed everything..  (cue melodramatic music)..

and voilĂ ...

 A haunted city of ruins.. Took me all morning and half of the afternoon..

Lest you think this will be the bulk of my post-apoc terrain, I have a ruined city kit that I plan to build as well. Looks promising.

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