Saturday, September 10, 2016

Pet Stores have great terrain.. painted and relatively cheap

Just before my buddy Jeff and I were to play today, we dropped by a major Pet Store chain to take a look at their aquarium and lizard "terrain."

We've found that there is often great stuff that can be found cheaply, painted and mostly lightweight. It's long been known in wargamer circles that pet stores are great.

A lot of stuff is not suitable for 25-28mm, but then again, a lot of it is..

I was taken aback as I couldn't believe this Maya painted pyramid was going for $9.47!

So I bought. As you can see beside a 28mm comparison figure, it's perfect.. Large, light and painted..

It's pretty big when you put the figure on it.

If this step pyramid was a GW affair, it would have cost me $80 and I would have to assemble and paint it.  Now for under $10, its one-piece and perfectly painted.

Also, for about $9.47, I picked up a Maya head that can be placed on top of the pyramid, or as a standalone as the entrance to a temple.

I bought some other rocky outposts for cheap as well.. All good for 25-28mm

If I ever have a need for tropical terrain, these pet stores often have plastic aquarium plants that look very suitable for the jungle as well..

All in all, a good cheap find today, terrain-wise.


  1. Great find, always nice to see fellow gamers spotting and sharing interesting terrain, materials etc.

  2. Thanks.

    Your handle Ubique reminds me of the motto of the Royal Canadian Artillery, which I was once a member of. It is the motto of the artillery as Ubique means "everywhere" in Latin.

  3. Indeed I have used it a number of times.

  4. Great idea. Ordered a Mayan statue to use as a god-figure for my spaceship gaming. Also use round polished rocks from gem stores for planets too.