Monday, September 5, 2016

My workbench: Quick scratchbuild of a snake statue debris field for 28mm

The dollar store had this toy snake that was lifelike for like $3. It gave me the creeps handling it even thought it was cheap plastic as I hate snakes, but nevertheless I bought it.

I've been creating a lot of scratchbuilt fantasy terrain for Frostgrave lately (as discussed here) and I'm always on the lookout for weird LOS blockers as I'm tired of building-skeleton ruins. This monument for instance, is one of 7 quick quick terrain pieces I recently built.

Anyways, on this slow Labour Day evening with nothing to do, I quickly built a debris field with the idea of a huge fallen snake sculpture in ruins for our gallant Frostgrave heroes to hide behind.

I should have taken a picture of the snake toy to show you before I sawed it off, but like I said it creeped me out even holding it. I really have a huge fear of those disgusting creatures.

I found out the inside was hollow...

I primed the pieces black and stuffed clay on the ends to give it that appearance of carved stone.

After that, I painted the pieces grey, and then I mounted them on a board I made with drawer liner earlier that I was not satisfied with and thus there were some excess glue from a previous failed project. It's okay though as it just adds to the ruins ambience once I dirtied it up a bit.  I will dirty it up slightly more in the future to hide greenish carpenter glue bits in the near future.

In the meantime, I used styrofoam that I cut into blocks and lined up the fallen statue..

I stood the cobra head up by leaning it on a smaller piece so I can have players hide behind such a weird LOS blocker on purpose.

I used milliput to make fantastical writing on one of the styrofoam blocks. 

Even before the greenstuff cured, I painted it and the other styrofoam brown just to make it look different than the snake fallen statue.  I put in some "dust" in some of the areas to hide my glueing blemishes.

And voila,.. it took me less than 2 hours as I was watching YouTube documentaries..

Good enough for tabletop play.

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