Monday, September 5, 2016

My workbench: Part 2/ 2 Scratchbuilding/ Kitbashing mostly fantasy terrain (25-28mm)

Please see part 1 for the scratchbuilding..

In this part 2, I finish these off by painting them.

I deliberately overdid it in most of the following pieces in white highlight just for the learning experience and to see what I can get away with. At 3 feet away while playing, you can still see the highlights on the terrain, so I think overall the highlighs are fine on all of them.

1. The Great Eye..

The brickwork underneath was easy to paint with black, grey and white. However, I initially struggled with what to paint the "eyeball" but just decided on of off-colour white and some grey.



The grey shading in the center of the eyeball makes it look like it was chiseled in or cut out of the rock. 


2. The Fantasy Hero of long ago..

 I did the statue part first. 

and then the tiles. 


3. The Broken Eagle..

I was going to flock this with sand, but then decided to just paint it to look like dirt.


I used ink and water to shade the dirt in the hollows and crevices, and then highlighted the top parts. 



Another picture under softer lights..

4. The Concentric Rings




5. The Snake and Cat Ruin


The ruined ball where the sabertooth head was on was not working, so I replaced it with an undamaged styrofoam ball. 

After I painted it, I realized there was something missing to make it look like a building facade, so I greenstuffed some bricks and added a fantasy window sill. 

The window sill looks a bit striking now, and so I kept this orange-brown coloured brickwork. 


6. The Raven Ruin..

I painted the base where the legs were in brown, but decided afterwards to go with all grey. 



  7. The Nose ruin..

 I painted the ruined blocks to look like the colour of the nose rubble. 

 A better picture in softer lights to highlight the highlights.


And that's it. I plan to do more "dollar store" terrain just for the experience of it. This stuff will not win Golden Demons, but it is good enough for tabletop play. 



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