Saturday, August 6, 2016

Quick joke conversion: Obi-Wan Kenobi converted to a Klingon Sith.. because why not?

I bought two packs of FFG's Obi-Wan Kenobi yesterday on my lunch break..

with the idea of cutting off one of the heads and converting it just to get another Jedi mini.

However, I then had a mischevious idea to convert Obi-Wan into a Klingon, not only because I love the dimensional travel/alternate universe thing, but because .. well.. just for the hell of it as I was sitting home last night chilling with Netflix.

I first greenstuffed the bone ridges and wild hair and let it harden...

I was going to make him a Jedi, but then decided against it just to get a different colour scheme than the usual Benedictine monk look. The Klingons in the Star Trek Universe like to wear a lot of brown anyway, just like the Jedi, so I want to spice it up from that.

Decided to go for red, as that is more, I don't know, evil Sith-like. 

The paint job was not easy for the chest part, as the two arms got in the way of the brush. FFG clearly is not designing this for miniature painters,  but I soldiered on last night and this morning..

It's okay for a quick paintjob on a joke conversion while watching TV..

Anyways, on to more serious paint jobs.