Monday, August 15, 2016

My workbench: The Ophidian Archway terrain

I put together some fantasy terrain over the weekend, namely Games Workshop Ophidian Archway..

GW terrain is pretty good, but a lot of times, I had to fill in the gaps with milliput, like I did here.

Primed it black and put on the stone grey colour first, with the initial idea to copy the paint job on the cover...

But then I decided to try out the aged copper patina look given this is a ruin... I painted up a kit-bashed statue in a similar fashion, as discussed here.

Copper, if you recall, turns green over time, as you can see with the Statue of Liberty..

So, that light blue-green look is what I went after..

For the back part, it was mostly grey, with some dirty parts on a tan coloured plaster that has remained.

It's only when I painted this, that I saw detail I didn't notice before.

GW must have tons of guys with B.A. in Clasical History or Fine Art in stuff.. They are copying and mixing mythologies from different ages.

The Front Gate as you can see has a St. George-type figure fighting, not a dragon, nor an ophidian (a snake), but a four headed Hydra-like creature.  A mix of medieval and ancient there.

Little things too.. Little people huddling behind the hero as you would see in the Middle Ages..

People building a bonfire.. I wonder why that would be etched into a gateway where someone is fighing a four-headed snake...

They even have the Vitruvian Man-ish symbol tucked away that I only noticed when I painted it.  Very Renaissance-ish..

Some Eagle imagery as well...

 Eagle fighting the snake, with a baby in the middle..

This looks like a winged creature with the head smashed, but snakes coming out of it's behind?..Not sure what I just painted..

A captured and collared Dragon

Anyways, please feel free to vote on this on Coolmini (here), with 1 being the lowest, 10 the highest, and 5 good enough for tabletop play. Thanks.

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