Thursday, July 21, 2016

Unboxing: U-Boat Leader (2nd Edition) and Gato Leader

I think well over a year ago, I preordered from DVG Games U-Boat Leader (2nd edition) and Gato Leader (the same game as U-Boat Leader, but this time an American sub commander in the Pacific).

I enjoyed the original U-Boat Leader, a solitaire game where you are a U-boat Captain in World War Two's Battle of the Atlantic.

In the original 1st edition, you played with counters, or chits as the Brits like to say. 

Well, I finally got them both in the mail today. To my surprise, I also got an extra miniature set I don't recall ordering, but nonetheless, am pleased.

The box for the 2nd edition seems thicker than the original edition..

Second Edition on the left, First Edition on the Right.
Both U-Boat Leader (2nd Edition) and Gato Leader pretty much have the same components.

A rulebook, 1 d10, battleboard, Campaign Cards and Enemy merchant and naval cards. 

Of course, Gato Leader has Japanese ships, like the Tyoko Maru...

The Miniature box is thin compared to the two core games...

Miniatures seem small to be honest and low quality, but I imagine they're better than counters for sure.. 

Another battleboard comes with it.. I didn't get at first why I needed a second one but.. 

quickly got it when comparing it with the old. The battleboard that comes with this expansion is bigger than the one that comes with the core rules, no doubt because of the minis..

Comparison of the miniature battleboard on top with the one that comes with the core set, below

Anyways, I look forward to playing both campaigns in the Atlantic and Pacific.

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