Saturday, July 30, 2016

My workbench: Terrain painting continues for Frostgrave...Armorcast cathedral building ruins

Now that I scratch-built some fantasy domes for Frostgrave yesterday (as discussed here)...

I soldiered on with more terrain on this fine weekend.. Miles to go before I sleep and all that.. I dug out some Armorcast cathedral terrain I bought a while back, and thought they would be good Frostgrave (and Kings of War) terrain..

Cathedrals look appropriate for fantasy, the Middle Ages, modern and even sci-fi if you want to capture that gothic look. A very useful terrain piece which I need to buy some more of .

I primed these pieces black and  quickly painted them stone-colour and dry brushed them. They came out nicer than I expected.

The windows had a thin film to them which I broke off to make it look like broken glass..

I was thinking of painting them to look like stain glass, but there is enough black in the rest of the terrain piece to make it look like a fire had stained these stainglass windows..

All in all, very nice to the eye for quick work. Feel free to vote on them on Coolmini, with 1 being the lowest, and 10 the highest, with 5 good enough for tabletop play, here..


  1. These are really impressive. May use the domes to make yurts or the such like

  2. Thanks. I like the domes myself and will try out this technique further.

  3. Both are really nice. Voted.