Saturday, July 16, 2016

My workbench: Some quick conversions of a Reaper Bones Ogre and Armoured Skeleton

Multitasker than I am, I frequently paint while listening to podcasts or YouTube documentaries. It was no different last night coming home from work.

I am no big fan of Reaper Bones, as I find the lack of detail offputing, but sometimes they are useful if you're looking for cheap solutions.

I bought two packs of their Ogre Chieftain for like $3.50 each and decided to convert one of them. I might use them as "Frost Giants" for my Frostgrave campaign, which I believe call for having two of them. If not, I can use them for my far-on-the-horizon Kings of War game.

The same for a requirement for two armoured skeletons. I already had Reaper's Arrius, Undead in pewter, and bought him again in cheap Reaper bones to make two. 

I hate, hate, hate, though having miniatures in identical poses, so conversion it is.

The good thing about Reaper bones is that it's soft plastic, and easy to convert as a hobby knife has no problems cutting them up.

For both the Ogre and the Skeleton, I hacked off their right arm first.

and repositioned it to a different pose than their unsullied other miniature.

The only other modification I did to the Ogre was cut off the horn on his belt (they can't be both carrying those things?) and added a helmet on.

The skeleton was a bit more work. I cut out the shield and replaced it with a very different shield deisgn and cut away the blowing-in-the-wind part of his cloak. I'll let the pewter version have that look, while the Bones version will be more simplified. I decided not to modify the leg and leave it as is, but just have a different rock for him to place his boot on.

Both now look a bit different than the original. 

I'll paint them at a future date.

I find converting more satisfying than painting for some reason.

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