Thursday, July 7, 2016

My workbench: Kitbashing 28mm "statues" using Star Wars toys

I like the idea of turning trash to usable terrain that I can use for LOS blockers and such, but I refuse to use real trash, like cardboard boxes, like some people do on YouTube. I need something more substantial that only a dab of paint and a conversion or two, can make passable terrain.

Near my friend Jeff's house, there is this store that sells used comic books, magazines and lots of junk toys. So much so, they put their old discarded broken toys in bins. Every time I go there, I'm on the lookout for stuff I can use to build cheap terrain, like I did last time with this Easter Island head, as discussed here.

I am too lazy to go into the bins, but I when I was there last weekend, I spotted these two Star Wars toys on the shelves that looked like Anakin and Obi Wan in spirit form from ROTJ.

They are dressed in monk's robes, so they can be used for statues from the middle ages or fantasy, or even the far future like 40k and such..

Like everything in the store, they were dirt cheap, $3.99 each, so I bought them..

with the idea of turning them into statues.

One of them I decided will be a nice proper statue aged to look like old copper with a patina, and another, a fallen down stone statue..

I cut the fallen down one into 3 pieces..

while the other, I used drawer liner to make elaborate flooring..

The liner "floor" here looks exotic enough fit for a statue of an Emperor or something of high rank or prestige..

 I mounted them on their own base last night..

For the fallen down one, I put in on milliput and carved the flooring in to make it look like cobblestones and left it to harden last night..

 I painted them up tonight quick enough..

and they are good enough for what they were designed for, LOS blockers that can be used for both fantasy or space opera like Star Wars or 40k.

I find with this kind of kitbashing used for terrain scenery, I usually only put a minimal effort to see how much I can get away with.  I think they are both not bad, especially for $3.99 each.