Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My workbench: Frostgrave checklist paintjobs coming along

I've been busy going down my Frostgrave checklist painting along, despite my disastrous first play of the game.

I've already painted my mages, skeletons and 6 treasure tokens as discussed elsewhere, and now working on the rest of the checklist.

Finished off a number of them, in quick paintjobs.

White Gorilla (I used a  Reaper Bone's Ape Demon)

2 Giant Worms, also from Reaper Bones

2 Ice Spiders (Reaper Bones)

1 Imp (Reaper Bones)
 Wild dogs/wolf ( official Frostgrave ones)

and 6 statues (Reaper Bones).

Also, painted two Armorcast water waves (?) as magical energy walls for my Wall spell.

Nose to the grindstone, got miles to go before I sleep..