Saturday, July 16, 2016

My workbench: A Book Golem and animal familiars

After my disastrous first session playing Frostgrave, I created a new warband. My new mage however, I gave the Animate Construct spell..

So, I had to take some time to paint a construct for the next session in case I make this out of game roll next time.

Years ago, I got a "Book Golem" from Black Cat Bases and I thought this would be a perfect construct for a Frostgrave campaign. For some reason, I love the idea of a book golem.. It is very fantasy-ish.. more so than say, a Dwarven steam contraption..

I dug it out and based it on a plain dungeon floor base.

I used mostly inks. It was a bit hard at first with paint making to the pages..

but I quickly corrected it all..

I stuck with a lot of leather binding, and a bit of colour on the other books, but I didn't overdo it on bright bright colours. Also, I mixed up the aging of the paper. Most of the books have old yellowed paper, but not all, and some I stuck with white.

Inks are good as it sometimes give that blotchy look which is what I was going after as I wanted the bindings on some of these covers to look old and cracked. 

Please feel free to vote on this at Coolmini, with 1 being the lowest, 10 the highest, and 5 good enough for tabletop play, here... Thanks.

I also gave my wizard the Animal Companion spell

which allows you to get either a wolf, bear, snow leopard or ice toad. I thus painted very quickly all but the ice toad. I can't imagine myself wanting an ice toad, so I didn't paint one.