Sunday, July 24, 2016

Another indication of tabletop gaming "decadence" ?

I sent my gaming buddies this Kickstarter video that shows elaborate catapult dice throwers this morning.

My buddies emailed me back their hoots of derision. My friend Craig just simply wrote back:

Oh FFS, what next ? 

I've written before about how the avalanche of elaborate and sometimes ridiculous dice on the market could be heralding an ennui with tabletop gaming in general, and not simply just market forces (discussed here) meeting demand from disposable income. To sum up what I wrote, we need more and more elaborate junk in the face of 40+ years of the hobby since the D&D craze and wargame renaissance, as well as resisting the lure of computer gaming to keep us interested in the tabletop hobby. 

Surely, no one who lives and dies for tabletop gaming would need to haul these things around and then use them in the middle of a game? Rubber band catapults with elaborate carvings to throw your dice around? What next, gilded dice encrusted with diamonds?

As I said in that previous blog post, decadence always precedes the fall. It might be decades in the making, but I can't imagine millenials going for all this ostentatious gaming paraphenelia. Not with the ease of apps.. I mean, look at the enthusiasm of this Pokemon Go horde..

No amount of gimmicks like these rubber band catapults will entice them what is likely an "old hat" hobby in their eyes. 

Us old farts might have to enjoy the decline, but without the dice catapults.

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