Sunday, June 19, 2016

Star Wars Rebellion: Blowing up planets is the bomb...

In April, I played a session of FFG's Rebellion with my friend Jim. I reviewed the game in detail, as discussed here.

Jim and I just tried it again in another round of galactic civil war goodness. I was the Empire again but this time, it was a very different game. Last time, we were getting used to the rules, but now it seems we both "upped" our game. I had a harder time this time around play-wise.. And lots of bad rolls that didn't help.

Most of my die rolls this time were a wall of  blank colour and looked typically like this:

I had more blanks than a re-enactors convention.

First, the use of the heroes on both sides were as enjoyable as the last time, but more elusive for me as the Imperial player.  Less Rebel heroes in my grasp.. I finally late in the game caught some prisoners despite failing to do so time and time again.. I caught Luke Skywalker and put him in carbonite and then shortly afterward captured Han Solo..

Aha, I thought, my luck is finally turning against these pesky heroes as their sabotage and propaganda lies about the Emperor were taking their toll on me production-wise.

But noooooo...

First, I couldn't torture them properly..

It was late in the game and I was getting desperate to find the location of the rebel base, but bad rolls proved that Skywalker resisted the delicate caresses of my interrogation droid..

Then I tried a trick, trying to "free" one, but with a homing beacon attached so they can lead me back to their hidden base and rid the galaxy of the rebel scum once and for all.

But no, more rolling failure attempting to do so, as my fleet was continuing to flounder about looking for it.

Then Jim hit me with some bullshit rule that I didn't recall from last time that said I can only have one prisoner collar at all times. If I capture someone new, the other goes free. This rule visibly annoyed me. It means if you have a high profile prisoner, you shouldn't bother going after someone lesser. They can thus run amock as the Imperial player looks helplessly on.

Also where this game was also different from last time was me moving my fleet quite a lot this time around. I was all over the place... holding back leaders and sending armadas to conquer 90% of the board  looking for the Rebel cockroaches in their little hidden base..

Last time, I never got the card that allowed me to blow up planets with my Death Star.. This time, I got it twice early in the game and I quickly blew up not one planet, but two in short order...
First Mandalore..

Then nearby Ord Mantell..

They were effective demonstrations to the galaxy indeed, and I quickly robbed Jim of a lot of production capacity, just as he was doing it to me with propaganda lies.. "Don't let him breathe" was my Rocky motto in this case.. Squeeze his capacity. It was the bomb!

As for the Rebel base, I inched closer to it, and Jim was forced to move bases when I got near.. His first base was Mon Calamari...

Then a funny thing happened... As Jim was going through the probe droid deck to look for a new base, I was looking at his eyes to see where he was looking at the map as he was making his decision..

Then Jim suddenly looked up at me realizing what I was doing...

We both laughed as he was too experienced to fall for it..

I left the room afterward to give him some time to pick his new base..

Anyways, at the end, I conquered most of the civilized galaxy and thought his base was in Geonosis, and thus most of my fleet heading galactic North-East to meet it.. but the hidden base was Dantooine far to the West....

Time ran out and Jim won.

A good game that was tense throughout for both of us.

This game well deserves the 8+ on Boardgamegeek.

Thumbs up!

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