Sunday, June 12, 2016

Playing Zombicide: Black Plague with all the Kickstarter extras!

My friends Jeff, Jim and myself sat down to play two boardgames yesterday; Secrets of the Lost Tomb and Zombicide: Black Plague (Z:BP).

I won't elaborate too much on Secrets of the Lost Tomb

I've played it before and discussed it in detail here.

Yesterday's game involved intrepid 1930s adventurers entering a lost tomb to help free a 200 year old American Revolutionary American monster, the Wadego, so it can fight a 200 year old British monster, the Kraken.

It was Zombicide: Black Plague (Z:BP) that took me by surprise a bit.

I've played it twice before (discussed here and here) and it is still an amusing light dungeon crawl.

My friend Jeff kickstarted it and we played the core game when that Kickstart came in.

He told me the other day that all his Kickstarted extras came in but I was taken aback yesterday just how much stuff he received..

There are undead Skeleton bowman I see now in the game.

Jeff got tons of new adventurers, most of them recognizable from film and TV.

A sample:

Xena (Lucy Lawless) from Xena: Warrior Princess.

The Kurgan (Clancy Brown) from Highlander or possibly evil Ash (Bruce Campbell) from Army of Darkness..

Merlin  (Nicol Williamson) from Excalibur.

 William of Baskerville (Sean Connery) from The Name of the Rose

Jareth (David Bowie) from Labyrinth

Vlad Tepes (Gary Oldman) from Bram Stoker's Dracula

Thrud the Barbarian, from the White Dwarf Comic Strip..

Jeff got tons of minis in hard plastic, up to Coolminiornot standards.

I was really really impressed with the Abomination sculpts though!

Look at the large tongue on this rat abomination.. lol.. :-)

I love the withered right arm here, and the disgusting left arm of this guy..

If they come out on store shelves, I might pick them up just to properly paint them. (Jeff is not a painter).

They even threw in plastic tokens, doors, a nice "player one" metal Renaissance-era looking coin and Zombicide dice into it as well. Jeff did well with this Kickstart overall.

I chose to play Thrud and the Kurgan..

The game play was typical of Z:BP.. swarm after swarm of Zombies coming at you, which as I said, I elaborated in other posts.

More deaths this time around.. One of Jeff's characters was overrun and killed..

as well as surprising, my Thrud... Hordes of Zs finally took him down, the locusts..

What was very interesting, was seeing the Abominations come right at you. The big guy it seems can only be killed by the use of Dragon Bane, which we pulled off just once..

Jim threw some dragon bane at a corner tile and then one of us made the most noise, luring the Abomination to turn the corner..

and killed them all of with one swoop..

We think we mistakenlhy put in too many abomination cards though, as slowly but surely they battered us down until we were overwhelmed and wiped out.

Still a good session and enjoyable. Thumbs up!

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  1. Great looking game. The figs are excellent. Will have to investigate