Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My workbench: Painting alternative Terminator Endoskeletons for Terminator: Genisys

I recently bought Terminator Genisys: The Miniatures Game by River Horse Games.

I saw the movie Genisys and it was terrible to be honest, at least plot wise, but the beginning battles in Los Angeles in 2029 were fine, just as the scenes from the first two movies and 2008 TV series..

I mean, how can you not like firing phased plasma rifles in the 40 watt range..

The game components did not really thrill me though.. the box seemed flimsy, there was only 1 player aid and the minis were a disappointment..

The cardboard "terrain" that came with the game is not doing it for me, so I made my own as discussed here.

Assembling them was a pain.. and I'm an experienced miniature guy.. I can't imagine someone new to the hobby dealing with these parts..

You don't have to glue them, but I think you do really, otherwise the arms will pop off more often than not... So I had to spend time fiddling with the arms and such.

The Endoskeleton minis especially were also kind of delicate when you assembled them..

Crap quality minis to be honest, especially for the price you pay for the game. They are more like boardgame quality than what most miniature players are accustomed to...

Crap, crap, crap.... I don't know why I bothered assembling them.

I looked into my lead pile, and I dug out my 20 Terminator robots from Copplestone Castings. They're even called Terminator Robots after all.

I like the Copplestone sculpts in general and these ones are good enough for me. Nice and metal and hefty.. Old School..

I primed them black on their initial base, but then changed my mind as I wanted it to be more post-apoc. I thus placed them on milliput, and added some stuff to give each mini some character.

It's been my experience when you post-apoc stuff, you can use a lot of household items.

I cut this button in half.. When I rust it up, it will look like part of machinery or a car wheel..

Wooden rods, lollipop sticks can also look good once rusted up..

Some everyday junk bits I had from Black Cat bases..

Copper wire looks good rusted up as well..

Some plastic I cut up.. Will look good rusted up..

I placed these bits deep into the millput and then waited for it to cure.

Then primed it all black again and highlighted the robots in silver paint. They were actually pretty fast to do.. What took time was the bases.

Since the robots looked very shiny and clean, I made sure I rusted up the base parts extra to give it that juxtaposition of old (destroyed) world vs the age of the machine..

The just rubble ones turned out okay I think, as well.

I love adding decayed stuff from the "old" world like this Budweiser sign...

It wasn't easy getting that McDonald's "M" on the discarded french fry box or the soda at the 28mm scale.. :-) My eyes are not what they used to be. :-)

Anyways, please feel free to vote on this at Coolmini, with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest, here.