Saturday, June 4, 2016

My workbench: Star Wars Wookie boxer, Slugbacca (Imperial Assault joke conversion and paintjob)

I don't play Star Wars: Imperial Assault, but I do collect the minis for planned paintjobs and hopefully one day play on 3D terrain.

I bought the Wookie Warriors expansion a while ago..

I knew going in it was two Wookies with blades, but still..  sigh...

Honestly, what was FFG thinking.. even at our tech level in the 21st Century, nobody walks around with two blade weapons.  What were they thinking having Wookies walk around in the Star Wars universe with two swords? What, the Wookies are morons deliberately fighting the Empire or whomever with blades?

Even Chewbacca had an energy weapon, the bowcaster.

So, I bought the pack with the idea of converting the minis to carrying pistols, but I had a funny idea yesterday.

Why not make one a boxer just for the lulz?

I don't play Imperial Assault, so who cares if I make a joke conversion?

So, I first cut off the blades..

 I planned to put on boxing gloves, chest hair and boxing shorts....

 using milliput and green stuff..

I could always use the practice, so this was a good "safe" mini to practice my (non-existent) sculpting skills.

As always, I primed it white and did the eyes..

I also took the opportunity to try out some brown ink I bought at an art store which should look good on fur and hair..

I then had the idea to push the ridiculous envelope and give him star and stripes-ish boxing shorts a bit like Apollo Creed from Rocky.... Really over the top stuff.

I drew out the lines to make the red-white-blue stripes..

A bit of quick fun to make in a short time. Not something to spend a lot of time on nor perfect in a perfect paintjob, but amusing to create.