Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My Pterodactyl can fly and be free now thanks to a $3 "flight stand." (my workbench)

I recently did a Star Wars dinosaur hunt with my friend Jeff as discussed here (and which proves to be one of my most popular blogposts based on the number of web-hits.. thank you.)..

A great session, but I was just a teensy weensy unhappy that I didn't have a proper flight stand for my pterodactyl and used a plastic cup, albeit a large one used for protein shakes.

A pterodactyl needs to soar among the clouds and sound like this....

and in order to do so, it needs a "proper" flight stand.

Anyways, I was at the dollar store the other day and noticed these solar powered spikes gardeners use to light up their lawn that was selling for $3..

I thought they would make good flight stands, not only for my 'ctyl, but for other large aerial vehicles, so I bought a whole bunch of them..

I also think, that if you remove the ends, they would make a great sci-fi pipe terrain...

Anyways, the base was nice and sturdy..

but too symmetrical  so I broke it up with milliput and broken cork..

I let it cure, painted it up just now quickly after work and flocked it.

Another problem fixed.

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