Monday, June 6, 2016

My alligator clip method for holding minis

I usually put minis on bottle caps when I paint that are held on by blue tack

but sometimes I can't decide on the base, so I put minis with the metal bar underneath that I made years ago which I haven't seen anyone else do online.. I put an alligator clip in milliput and allowed it to cure.. It works over and over afterward.

and it works fine..


  1. I've thought about using this technique as well, but I tested it out on some old lead mini's. It wouldn't hold them adequately enough because their too heavy. But for newer, lighter pewter it works fine yeah?

    I use the 'blue-tak on paint bottle' technique, but I'm always careful at which angle I hold it, ever fearful that it could topple off at any moment :D

    Cheers :)

  2. If you make a big enough milliput ball, it should hold heavier minis I imagine.

    Yeah, I got the same problem with the blue tak method which I don't know how to solve the angle problem. :-)

    1. It's not the weight on the base of the alligator clip that's the problem, it's the clip itself. Can't clamp hard enough onto the slotta tab to stop it flopping over. I used really strong clips too, not the cheap arse one's.

      I'll come up with day.

      Cheers :)