Sunday, June 5, 2016

Solitaire Play: Magazine game "War of the Worlds" so far is a shrug and a meh..

At the game store yesterday, I bought this light game at a cheap price, called the War of the Worlds knowing nothing about it.

I liked the cover which was very steampunkish, what can I say..

When I read the scant 8 page rules, it reminded me of those games with counters that used to come with some of the old wargame magazines of the 80s and 90, like Strategy and Tactics magazine.  A hallmark of those magazine games (which War of the Worlds possesses) were touching upon obscure and niche subjects, very brief rules and a handful of counters. Maybe they still possess these qualities, I don't know. I don't buy paper magazines of any kind anymore.

I didn't notice the Ares Magazine wording on the cover until now, so of course, this confirms this is one of those magazine games.

The Martians are invading London in this 1 or 2 player game; one player is playing the devious Martians, the other the stalwart Earthmen.

There are Walkers and Saucers as well as Man's infernal machines like Zeppelins and Super Guns. There are champions and a decidely un-Steampunk element of  superheroes (?!) as well.

I played a solitaire game and rolled 9 Walkers and a saucer to face my 2 infantry and 1 artillery piece (with reinforcements along the way) to defend dear old London. I couldn't afford any champions like Superheroes, so I stuck to infantry and artillery, the thin red line as it were. The Infernal Machines were too expensive, so I had to rely on one of them as reinforcements only but later on per the solitaire set-up.

I placed my troops in the center as the Martian placement was random. 

Combat in the game is very old school... You add up opposing strength and then roll on an odds table.. e.g. if  the Martian walker has an attack of 6 vs your guy's 2, you look up on the 3-1 column. Very, very old school.. the kind I played as a kid in the early 80s.. Not that it's bad. I am old school myself.

If a certain number of units are removed, or London's famous landmarks are reduced to rubble, I lose within the number of turns in the game.

The game starts with 2 walkers in turn 1 and 2 showing up in the South East

The Martians quickly reduce the Royal Observatory to rubble..

and I head down South to meet them..

There was lots of back and forth in the South as one unit would at first retreat, then the other side would retreat..

but it was short-lived.. The Martians were getting closer and closer to the Thames.

Though most of the fighting was South East, my lone unit just north of Buckingham Palace was hard pressed with at first one Walker, then another... I put whatever reinforcements I got there to hold the northwest front..

Slowly the Walkers were pushing me back..

Unit pinned, with my centre cracking..

It slowly dawned on me that I couldn't scratch the walkers.. They slowly killed my units and were left untouched destroying everything to rubble. You couldn't stack up your units and I was left attacking at 1-2 odds at best. My one infernal machine was not going to come until late in the game, and I didn't know what it would be.

Anyways, to make a long story short, I lost the game in short order with the Martians not getting a scratch..

I don't know.. maybe I am doing something wrong, or this game shines with superheroes or other champions, or maybe it's not very good in solitaire play, but this game is at best getting a shrug and a meh from me.

It was not even suspenseful..

I might try it again with a friend, maybe..

You get what you pay for... true for gaming as it is for everything else.

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