Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Games Workshop told it's shareholders it's not a gaming company, but a miniature company?!

I stumbled upon this financial analyst's article after he attended the Games Workshop annual general meeting to shareholders last September (link here). I'm surprised to read that GW does not consider itself a game company but a miniature company instead.

I too all these years assumed the "Games" in "Games Workshop" meant they were into games, but I was wrong it seems.. Of course, it could be the usual stuff to slough off shareholder questions, but seriously... only 20% of its customers are gamers? Is that what they think? Is it true?...

This explains quite a bit really...
  • why the ridiculous and convoluted settings of 40K and Sigmar.. 
  • why they don't listen to fans who complain about the rules and fluff
  • their heavy investment in finecast with sculpts that are too ornate and difficult for the average 13 year old kid getting into the hobby, to paint.  
  • why they raise and raise their prices as it gives the impression of exclusivity for collectors and  modelers only..
  • why they keep increasingly make more and more outlandish sculpts.. I mean seriously, some of the space marines stuff seems a bit ridiculous, what with the powered armour and swords thing..some space marines even go into battle with a flag pole attached to their armour even..

Yes, yes, a bit much. Some of the 40K sculpts look like extras who just wandered out of an S&M scene..

Of course you would walk around a futuristic battlefield bare-chested wearing a gimp mask, silly.. now buy, paint and display.

 Sigmar has been called Fetishammer by some..the "Sigmarines" being an example..

Hell, the guys with the golden armour and sprouting angel wings look downright impractical in battle. but hey, it looks good and edgy and begs to be painted up and displayed in a glass case only..

All of the ridiculous fluff lately and lame 4 page rules are just excuses to buy and push expensive GW models around, game logic and balance be damned. Who cares about having no points, no bases, game gimmicks like talking to your sculpts I'm told in the Sigmar rules, etc.. all a pretense to just buy the models.

They just are catering to modelers who want fine detail on sculpts that look great only but would never dream of moving them around in a table to play.. That's toy company stuff...

Sigh. it all makes sense now.. They are just alienating 20% of their fans who are gamers, but not the 80% core they believe are modelers only.

I really need to downloand their MD&A one of these days to see what they're telling shareholders, not that I am one by the way..

With such bold statements like they intend to make a profit "forever" selling miniatures in this age of discontent, increasing game company competition and 3D printing on the horizon, you have to admire their optimism. We shall see, but something tells me that sooner or later, they will have to deal with the gaming end of their customer base which I find hard to believe is just 20% of their customers.

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