Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Checklist to get started for Frostgrave.. I now have all 30 different types of miniature figures needed..

I want this and next year to get more into fantasy so I bought the rules for Frostgrave (skirmish level) and Kings of War (mass combat). The only problem is that I have, except for some Blood Bowl, virtually no fantasy minis. I've been primarily a sci-fi guy.. Even 35 years ago when I was a kid, I played very little D&D, but was more into space opera like Traveller and Star Trek.

Anyways, someone on Boardgamegeek listed the minimum needed to play Frostgrave, not including terrain. I've been slowly buying, trying to get Reaper Bones if possible to be as cheap as I can as there are 30 different types of minis needed.

My friend Jeff has a lot of pre-painted plastic D&D stuff that can be used, but still, I would like to build a fantasy force to use, and possibly port over to Kings of War.


1 and 2. One Wizard and one Apprentice

3. Five to 8 Soldiers

4. Six Treasure Tokens

For Scenarios and Random Encounters:

5. Eight or so Skeletons

6. One Genie

7. Six Statues

8. Two Giant Worms

9. Two Armoured Skeletons

As per no. 5 above, plus I can use from my Undead Blood Bowl Team..

10. Two Ghouls

 I can use from my Undead Blood Bowl Team. Plus these two Vampire Spawn look ghoulish..

11. Two Zombies

12. One Wraith

13. One Vampire

I can use one from my Undead Blood Bowl Team

14. One White Gorilla

15. One Bear

16. One Boar

17. Four Giant Rats

18. Two Ice spiders

19. Two Wild Dogs

20. Two Wolves

21. Two Ice toads

Well, I got one at least.. Good enough.. If necessary, I can use one of the rats as a substitute.

22. Two Trolls

Missing one these at the moment, but I'm sure I can get another one soon.

23. One Frost Giant

24. One Small Construct

25. One Medium Construct

As per no. 24 above. 

26. One Large Construct

27. One Imp

28. One Demon

As per no. 27 above.

29. One Large Demon

As per no. 27 above.

30. One Werewolf (Wolfman form)

I got my work cut out for me paint-wise, but I won't go for the overkill on the paintjob.. good enough for tabletop play for the most part. Luckily, a lot of these have fur (bears, boars, wolves), so those are good for quick dry brushing affairs.


  1. Looks like you have a lot of fun-filled hobby days ahead of you. :)

  2. Just gotta paint it all. I hate playing with unpainted minis. :-)

  3. So much fun! Did you get them all completed?

  4. Jacob, I got about half done but my buddy had the rest already. Had some interesting sessions so far, as discussed here on my blog.