Friday, May 20, 2016

Someone built a large FASA Star Trek Chandley model with lights and electronics

I recently noted that there was a discussion of FASA's beloved Chandley-class.

Now I noticed someone is building a large Chandley-class model..

Looks very close the 1: 3900 scale miniature from 30 years ago..

There is even work on another large FASA model, the Klingon D-10

Hats off to whomever is doing these kitbashes.

I love that the FASA Star Trek universe is not gone and forgotten, and there are tons of people out there who dearly love it like I do. It takes a lot of work to convert to a Chandley-class at this scale.. What will he do with it afterward, I wonder, as it's so big..

At least every time someone will ask about the large Chandley, the modeler or owner will have a chance to explain FASA and such.

I grew up with Star Trek since watching it in the 1970s, but it was Star Trek II, III and IV and simultaneously, FASA's literature, that cemented a certain love for it. I can only now think of the "true" Star Trek as FASA's..

Some other modelers obviously think the same...


  1. LOVE the Chandley class! that was the class we used in our role playing game. we called her the Discovery :)

  2. After the Romulan Winged Defender, it is the best FASA design.

    My RPG group was on board an Enterprise-class.

  3. Looks great! Must be hard to support the engines with such an angle and so small of a support area to the rest of the ship body.