Saturday, May 14, 2016

My Workbench: Star Trek 28mm Scumbags Part 1/2 (Conversion) Klingon Pirate, Andorian Smuggler, Tellerite Bounty Hunter and Ferengi hired gun

I recently painted some Star Trek foes, so I decided to do some more on the dark underside of Star Trek.

I chose a Ferengi, a Klingon, an Andorian and a Tellerite, and it required a little bit of conversion for the most part.

For most of them, I had to cut off their base and place them on deck plating.

First, for the Ferengi, or should I say the "Big eared civilian" from the Space Vixen line...

I cut out the base he was on to put him on deck plating..

 I drilled a hole at the bottom of the boot to put a pin on the base...

 Apart from that, I didn't convert him.

The other three, I had to convert a bit with green stuff.

Black Hat miniatures has some sort of alien elf creature that looked kinda roguish, Gaalac the Trader..

So I green stuffed the Klingon bony ridge, beard and wild hair.. An Imperial Klingon
from a disgraced House, he decides to go a'pirating and avenge himself and his blood line..

Reaper has a space hero who looks very Han Solo-ish, so I decided to make him an Andorian smuggler...

I drilled holes in his head..

and put in a bit of copper wire on both ends.. Copper is a soft metal and easier to use to make it more antenae-like than say, a piece of a paperclip, especially as I'm not pinning anything here.

Lastly, I saw this fat Malifaux miniature, and thought he would be a good Tellerite.. I don't know much about Malifaux and it seems some sort of bizarre horror steampunk universe, but in this case, it had what I needed.

I cut out the .45 pistol and put in a more futuristic pistol, as well at the axe parts on his right hand. I then green stuffed his bald head with hair, put in a beard, and put in a snout.

Speaking of the Tellerite hand, in TOS, the Tellerites there had 3 fingers on a hand, but in Star Trek: Enterprise, they were more like ours. I decided to leave the hands alone here.

These four are now ready for painting, which I'll discuss in part 2 of this post.


  1. Nice work so far. Kruger must have killed at least one of each, except for the Ferengi of course.

  2. I never knew they had a Ferengi miniature. As a huge fan of Star Trek (in addition to Star Wars) that's just so cool. Now I know thanks to you :) Looking forward to seeing those minis painted up.

  3. Thanks, though technically, it's not a Ferengi but a "big eared civilian.." (Wink) (Wink) :-)