Sunday, May 1, 2016

My workbench: Beedeebeedeebeedeebee ... Painting Buck Rogers fighters for X-Wing

Okay, okay, before you crucify me and say how schlocky the TV show "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" starring Gil Gerard was, there is no need. I know.

And yet, I saw it when I was like 12-13 years old, so it's part of my long lost youth. Gil Gerard was amiable and Erin Gray was one of my early crushes. I actually met both of them at sci-fi conventions..

The Space Vampire, the Vorvon, has made an impression on me, and judging by how popular he is on YouTube, it has on a lot of people..

I even painted up some 28mm Buck Rogers figures that I converted, in one of my early attempts that I posted on Coolmini. (I'll have to try again now that my skill in painting and converting has improved one of these days).

But I digress..

A cool aspect was the Earth Defence Directorate Thunder Fighter.. It was all white and sleek and still holds up to this day aesthetically.

When I saw the Thunder fighter and the Draconian Marauder on the 3D printing sight Shapeways at the X-Wing scale, I ordered a squad of each to play in X-Wing.

While they were being shipped to me, I jokingly made X-Wing stats for these by lifting the X-Wing and Tie Fighter stats and posted them on Boardgamegeek.

I ordered these over a year and a half ago, and now on this Sunday evening, I painted them up to kill an hour or two..

First things first, I primed them white and brown..

Drilled a hole at the bottom to put them on flight stands (not sure why the 3D printing designer didn't do that since he said it's for X-Wing).

Painted the Thunder Fighter cockpit and afterburners black and shaded in Gray based on online photographs.

and put in the yellow-orange-red bands at the back. I started with yellow first..

The Draconian Marauder was even less of a fuss judging by online pictures..

Some brown and dark brown shading at first..

and put in that white Draconian symbol..

Both are now ready for a quick game..


  1. I love these, so many good memories of the TV series!

  2. Those look really great!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Need a card for the hot Draconian leader's daughter too, since IIRC, she flew one of those fighters in an episode against Buck.

  3. You mean Princess Ardala? I don't remember her flying a fighter.. interesting. Thanks.