Sunday, May 29, 2016

My Workbench: Star Trek 28mm Scumbags Part 2/2 Klingon Pirate, Andorian Smuggler, Tellerite Bounty Hunter and Ferengi hired gun

Please see Part 1.

Ferengi  (the "Big Eared Civilian" wink wink)

The converted Klingon (Black Hat Miniatures's Galaac the Trader)  Love those tall S&M boots! lol.:-)

The converted Andorian (Reaper Space Hero)

The converted Tellerite (Malifaux Guild Guard Captain)

Please feel free to vote on them on Coolmini here  with 1 being the lowest, 10 the highest and 5/10 good enough for tabletop play. Thanks.

Fantasy sports theme night: Frustrating sessions for both Blood Bowl and Kaosball, but not discouraged

I've been wanting to crack open some Blood Bowl lately as I've been playing a lot of the video game Blood Bowl 2 as well as finding the news that GW will re-release Blood Bowl with new sculpts next year intriguing.

So, it was a no brainer that I got my friend Jeff and I to play some Blood Bowl for the first time in at least 5 years.

I made sure I downloaded the latest version of the Living Rules, 6.0, before today to familiarize myself with the rules again.

I dug up my four painted teams, 1 Human, 1 Orc, 1 Wood Elves and 1 Undead Team.

I decided to play my undead team (which I had converted from other mini's), and formed a team, The Bone Rattlers!

I was really hoping my Star Player, Count von Drakenburg, ( a Reaper mini) as well as my ghouls and wights, would pounce all over the Wood Elves today, which my friend Jeff would play.

Since Jeff was to play my Wood Elves,  I created a team called The Mighty Oaks the night before as I did with the Bone Rattlers.

The centerpiece player of The Mighty Oaks was this converted Reaper Treeman  (Spirit of the Forest) who looks gorgeous on the field. He was the Elves' Big F^**&g Guy (BFG) and we found out he had an impact on the game..

My four teams however, pale in comparison to Jeff, who trotted out after 5 years in storage, his whopping 17 painted teams he has already.. I mean Jeff has everything Blood Bowl, including lots of rare minis..(in the appendix to this post at the bottom, I post some pics of what he has)..

One of many of Jeff's stored Blood Bowl Teams

The Dwarf  Ulric Redbeard was the officiating referee in today's match, which is brought to you by Bloodweiser and beamed to thousands of households through Cabalvision.

After the teams set up..

we got to some bashing..

Rather than tipping my painted minis on the side whenever they were knocked down, I used poker chips with the player number on it instead, on the field. One side was numbered and the other side had "stunned" for easy reference instead of remembering it on a tipped figure.  After the stunned period would elapse, I flipped the poker chip back to the numbered side.

In the first half, Jeff was the offensive player...

My Wights were fast, and I got on his flanks and tried to rush the Elvish Thrower..

I realized I made a mistake early on when I did not spend the $120K to buy a Mummy, who was sort of a BFG to counter the Elves' BFG Treeman.. The latter kept bashing holes in my line of scrimmage.

Jeff's Elves were very dodgy and fast as hell and throughout the game, they got out of one tight noose after another..

A quick pass and some fleet footing Elf got past one of my rear Wights and quickly scored a touchdown..

On the next Kickoff, I put my Star Player, Count von Drakenburg as my quarterback and put most of my guys up front...

Then the damnest bit of luck happened as we rolled on the kickoff table, which said a fan threw a rock at one of my random players...

It just happened to stun my quarterback Count von D. just as the ball was coming down..

I thus had no one in the rear to get the ball..


I sent back one of my ghostly Wights to get the ball, but the Elves thanks to the Treeman ripping a whole in my center plowed through and knocked him down as well.. I thus had 2 stunned guys in my rear, and 3 Elves with nothing but an open path to the endzone.

Another touchdown scored by the Wood Elves..




It was now 2-0 already for the Elves.

I was getting killed.

I then became the offensive player again, and Jeff's kick resulted in a touchback.. So I decided to give the ball to one of my fast wights on the far left. If he can get past the Elf defender, he can boot it at 8 movement and maybe outrun the defence to score a touchdown..

But noooooooooooooooooooo.. I was met with failure again.

I had a side player try and bash the Elf defender to give the Wight a chance.. The player and the Elf defender both got knocked down and per the rules, it meant the turn would be turned over to Jeff.. I then decided to use my one and only Team Re-roll marker to get a different result.. or at least try..

Instead, I got the exact same damn roll.. Both players went down..

This was clearly a Dice Hall of Shame moment..

So, the game turned over to Jeff. The ball went outside the pitch and scattered all the way to the other side on the right to one of my skeletons..

Naturally with today's luck, my skeleton lineman did not catch the ball..

It landed near Jeff's all star player, and he quickly got the ball, made his dodge roll and then sprinted it over to the other side, passing to one his Elves in my territory.

I quickly put 2 Wights near by and there was no way Jeff would get past them so easily as he had to make 5 dodge rolls and push his player in a "go for it" roll. I thought for sure he was going to pass the ball and then I would blitz him..

Jeff however, made a run for it..

And then, amazingly, he made all 5 of his Dodge rolls and the "Go for it" roll to boot, for a touchdown..

I couldn't believe it..
I don't think I ever seen this damn bit of luck before..

It was now 3 -0 and it was still in the first half..

I threw in the towel and conceded defeat..

The worst game of Blood Bowl I have ever played, whether the miniature or online version.

Not a happy camper, I was grumpy when we contined with our fantasy sports theme to play Kaosball by Spaghetti Western Games.

The game is Rugby-like, played on a narrow pitch, with no passing.

I continued on with playing the Undead, this time the Gotterdammerung Fangs.

The game has some nifty items, like a magnetized team board to allow you to put perks you bid on before play..

Stuck on the Team card with the use of magnetic strips.

You have players who steal the ball on round bases, and bashers who bruise the other team on square bases, and also, "ringers" with special skills on green pentagon bases. 

Scoring is kept by nice looking mini-busts.

 I have the base game, but Jeff has all the teams he somehow got from someone on ebay.

A lot of the game is in the form of maximising what cards you have and to bluff the other player in wasting his high end cards while you try to keep yours for crucial plays.  There is also card counting involved as neither you nor your player can play the same "energy" number cards used for most things in the game in a period.

You try and score by trying to get players on these score tiles and score again with the ball at different times. Usually, there is 1 point for the scoring tiles in the middle and a  5 point score in the other guys' area.  

Not in a good mood already, I was getting frustrated early on with Kaosball as Jeff kept using all these 'gotcha cards that kept nullifying every play I tried.

That's why I don't really play card games like M:tG etc as one of their main gimmick is the gotcha cards that nullifying everything you do. I complained that this game is just a card game pretending to be a miniature game. Jeff disagreed. 

I think he sensed my frustration with the game and he switched teams from the Amazons to the Afro-wearing Ogres in a second game..

The second game went better and there was some more back and forth and more ball stealing than the first.

I came close to getting into Jeff's 5 pointer area by walling off (magically through the use of a card) one of his ringers, but he soon thwarted me there when I couldn't knock him down.. 

I then retreated to the centre to try and reposition myself, but then he did the wall thing on me as well and went down the middle to score a 5 pointer on me..

It was now the end of the second period and the score was 7-6 for him. We were more neck and neck in game 2.

I think this game takes time to fully grasp what all the cards do and thus, you need to be patient in the beginning as a lot is not knowing what to expect. We were both slowly grasping at the subtleties of this game, but since it was getting to be midnight, we decided to call it a night, but agreed to try, try again with Kaosball. There is more than meets the eye in Kaosball, but at this time, we haven't seen all the implications of the game.

For Kaosball, I am giving it for now a tentative ok, pending further play.

Blood Bowl of course, I enjoy and will play again. The game really shines with league play and Jeff thinks the two of us can do a league, but I am not convinced it can be enjoyable with just 2 players no matter how many teams we have. But we'll see.


Jeff trotted out some of his Blood Bowl teams from storage after at least 5 years.

His custom built star-spangled banner Ogres..

His Amazons..

with their Unicorn team player.

His Dark Elves team, as evidenced by this Witch..

His Halfling team, with their BFG, a nice looking Treeman, Reaper's Mossbeard.

His Dwarf team..

complete with a rare Dwarf death roller..

 His Norse team along with some of his Khemri..

One of the rare Star Players that is geting hard to get..

His Skaven team and Skaven big rat BFG

His converted Chaos team..

His Khemri team..

He had more.. Lizardmen, etc.. He said he has 17 out of 21 team types....

Anyways, an envious collection..