Friday, April 29, 2016

Some gaming Kickstarters are a bridge too far

A week or so ago, I pledged 75 € (about $86 U.S) for a fantasy football game. Gorgeous minis and a box when folded out gives you a gorgeous stadium, scoreboard and pitch.

went to KIckstarter to see how it's going and I am stunned to find out my pledge level just gives me the cardboard stadium and pitch.

$86 for cardboard terrain?

The next level is 125  € that gives the above with one team. 

125  € plus shipping to Canada and I still can't even play the game, not with one team.


I say "game" but come to think of it, I don't see anything about the rules. Is this supposed to be a sly way to use the rules from Blood Bowl?

To get both teams, it's like 150 € (about $172 US) , over twice my initial pledge. Say with shipping and it's like $200 US

I couldn't back out, so annoyed, I switched my pledge to 1  € ( where I get nothing but I "support" that project).

What a waste.

I am to blame though as I should have read carefully what was offered. I should have known better after kickstarting over a dozen games.

The lesson is don't use an app when pledging!

I see the same kind of issue with the Blood and Plunder Kickstarter happening now. For $130, you get a great looking ship and crew, but what can you do with it without another ship and crew to fight? You need to pledge $230 just to get 2 ships and crew to fight it out..

A movie is what.. $30 with tickets and popcorn.. So my entertainment dollar for a movie is $15/hour.. A typical $50 boardgame played 10, 12 hours a couple of times is about $5/hour.. Assuming the fantasy football Kickstarter is bought with both teams and I use Blood Bowl rules, I can maybe convince my friend to play it once or twice in 2016, assuming I get both teams and paint them.. So, let's say 10 hours in 2016 and maybe another 5 hours in 2017. That's $200/15 hours = $13.33 an entertainment hour and I'm not factoring in storage costs.. Better to get 3 boardgames at that cost...

As much as I would love to get it, these kinds of Kickstarters are a bridge too far for me.

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  1. I always look for value for the money on KS. Stretch goals (the meaningful ones anyway) can really enhance what you get. I wonder if hyper expensive ones like this will even get funded and/or see the light of day in your FLGS.