Friday, April 1, 2016

A session of the RPG-like boardgame Shadows of Brimstone: Swamps of Death

For a glass of that liquor, stranger, I can tell you how muh pard'ner the preacher man Jeff and I went down in them thar mines to find devil's tears.. the dark stone... into the very Shadows of Brimstone I tell ya.. 

Story is true.. right as rain.. Got muh daguerreotype in the papers for what happened as you can see here.

The preacher, he just brought the good book into the mines, 

while I had muh trusty shootin' iron, as well as muh lucky bear claw I traded once wit' a mule skinner afore I was a lawman..

I've been a law man for a long spell, and I ain't easily riled up.. but them mines.. why, I would think twice afore I go back.

The mines ain't for dudes and tenderfoots, no sirree.. the devil's servants, ... why, they'z a down there.. seen it wit' muh own eyes..

We started off real slow like, like molasses on a hot day...

Saw ruins of long lost Pagan worship.. 

and in the corner of my eye, why, I spotted some dark stone bullets... fitted muh Peacekeeper mighty fine.. no doubt left by some pilgrim who soiled his britches an' ran off skeert.. 

Into that damn tunnel we went, which twisted and a turned more crooked than a dog's leg..

and came across a dark magic portal, which the preacher suggested we good Christian folk avoid like the fires of hell... I surely agreed with the preacher on that one..

 Deeper and deeper into the tunnels we went, looking for the stone.. 

Afore I know it, one of the Devil's chil'ren attacked me.. 

One of them, whatchamacallit, Slashers.. 

Seemed like an eternity, the Slasher and I, were fighting it out.. Felt like Sharpsburg all over again..

I let him have the best of Sam Colt into his belly..

The preacher, he comes to muh aid, and used his good Christian magic and the good book to assist this sinner sitting in front of you..

And we finally sent that there Slasher back to the Devil with our compliments.. 


After we done with that vile beast, deeper into the mines we went, and sure enough, the Devil ain't finished with us, sending us another Slasher and those Hellbats a feller from Dodge City once told me about.. Ain't natural, I tell ya, to fly like a bird in the air, trying to slash and scalp us...

The preacher and I let them have it and sent them back to the Devil.. Muh dark stone bullets hitting them extra hard right twixt the eyes..

It comforted me when the preacher.....why in that very pit a' hell, found a holy cross.. I just knew we were protected from the Devil on that day afterward..

Pour me another glass of that rotgut whiskey stranger, and I can tell you how we dispatched more of them creatures till we got to the mother lode of dark stone..

It was there... why.. muh very eyes saw tentacles squirming like a worm on a hook... foul Hellish tentacles and an army a demons coming straight at us..

It was a mighty battle.. jest like back in the war I tell ya.. but we finished off them sum'bitches and found lots of treasure, including the precious dark stone..

On the way back to town, I felt kinda quesy.. real sick and dizzy.. I just knew the dark stone was plaguing muh soil.. corrupted, the preacher said.. 

In town, I jest knew I had to save muh God' fearin' soul, and cleanse muh self of these stones.. they say the longer you have 'em, why, you moootate yuhself an; grow out tentacles and other pesky sickness..

I also wanted to pocket a coupl'a hunnert dollars if I could at the same time, stranger.... The preacher had the same idea..

Went to the outpost at first, and sold the stone, you see..

Got $775.. a tidy sum, stranger, for a low paying law man like myself.. That was, whatchamacallit, reewaaard money.

Then, like muh Momma taught me, right proper, I went to Church to thank the All Mighty and maybe clean up muh soul from them thar dark stones..

We found though, a dark stone altar there.. and muh gut told me to leave that place.. the dark stone corrupted the faithful there as well I'm sorry to say.. 

So, I went instead to the Doc, so he can give me some med'cine to cure me of that dark stone sickness.. The preacher stayed in the Church to do some preachin' I 'spect..

The Doc though, damn near killed me with his butcher knife trying to cut out the sickness, so I left after a spell..

Feeling a bit better, but hurting a'mighty, I went to the general store and bought some ammo now that I seen them sum'bitches up close like..

I bought 4 cartridge boxes, stranger, one for Demons, one for Voids, one for Beast critters and one for them undead I hear so much about.. Ain't taking no chances..

On the fourth day in town, stranger, the Devil tried to have his last laugh at us.. sent us a hellish wind mighty fierce.. Unholy I tell ya...

If'n you ask me, stranger, it was cuz of that dark stone altar in the House of God.. that had to be it..

I can still hear the screamin' of the good folk of that town as they died, and buildin's tossed aside like rag dolls.. 

It was a miracle, I tell you, the preacher man and I survived that Void Twister.. A miracle..

Now, though, I'm mighty angry at the Devil you see, and am determined to smite more of his sum'bitches in the future, just you wait and see. Gonna get me a big ol' horse pistol too..No, I ain't finished with the Devil and them dark stone.. No sirree, not at all..

Game Play

As you can see, my friend Jeff and I had a bit of fun today with this very very RPG-like boardgame set in a Weird West setting. I love the Old West, and love weird twists to it.

Shadows of Brimstone by Flying Frog Productions has very high production values of course.. lots of cards and meeples for instance..

There are tiles of course, placed randomly. We had to tilt the tiles early on as the dungeon-crawl was starting to veer off board.

This game has a huge footprint and takes up a lot of space.. My 6 foot table was barely enough at the end..

The game does not end after the adventure. There are tons of encounter rolls going back to and in town as well. In addition, in very RPG-like fashion, is the accumulation and tracking of experience points. wounds, equipment, etc as you're playing, and are carried over to the next adventure as well as leveling up. My friend Jeff and I recorded everything for our next play with these characters..

He levelled up this turn, and I just missed it by a little bit of points, but this reminds me of my RPG days quite a bit.

So, if you do play, expect some record keeping.. Jeff downloaded this RPG-like character sheet that we'll have to use for next time..

I look forward to acquiring such strange artifacts as "hell pistols" and such.. it is a very strange and intriguing Weird West setting.

Thumbs up.


  1. Nice looking game, reminds me of our RPG'ing days.

  2. Nice looking game. I see you were very into the theme!