Friday, March 25, 2016

World of Yo-Ho .... is this the future of boardgames? Your smartphone used as a game piece on a board..

My friend Jeff sent me this review by Tom Vasel.. Very, very unusual boardgame and out of left field but I'm surprised I did not see this coming.

I love the pirates theme, and I'm intrigued enough to try it out.. However, like the X-Com boardgame, I have concerns about not being able to play this in a couple of years given how dependent it is on software..

You can still play a monopoly game created in the 1930s, but can you say the same for X-Com and World of Yo-Ho decades from now? Will it even matter decades from now? Will there be collectors for games with primitive software in say, 2030?

And yet, it is intriguing to try it out now.

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