Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Will these ridiculous "cutesy" mouse and Chibi-style miniatures ever end? :-)

I don't get the appeal of these mouse and other animal type miniatures done in an over-the-top cute style.. unless 13 year old girls are painting these things, what is the appeal??

There is still the overhanging stigma of "toy soldiers" in the hobby and these things are not helping with the image.. When you try to explain wargames have serious consideration of muzzle velocity, armour plating in front vs the rear, etc, it all flies out the window with this stuff image-wise. 

I don't mind a mouse miniature sculpted in a serious D&D dungeon crawl style, but the appeal to cuteness makes me roll my eyes. 

I'm sure Tail Feathers is a good game and I love the idea of aerial jousting, but the little mouse on the big bird thing prevents me from buying it. 

I also find the chibi- style minis a bit ridiculous as well, despite being sculpted well... Both of my friends have bought Arcadia Quest, but I won't.  Arcadia is an enjoyable game but the Chibi style is not my favourite.

Anime is starting to influence miniatures that's for sure.

Okay, okay, I'm a grumpy old man, I get it.. Rant over. 

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