Friday, March 18, 2016

Unboxing: 6' x 4' barren wasteland F.A.T gaming mat

I own already 2  6' x 4' gaming mats from Frontline Gaming, an urban one and grasslands one. I had in mind to get some more of them, but never got around to it given the foreign exchange rate with the U.S at the moment.

Today at a gaming store, I saw this guy set up a 40K table and noticed he had a F.A.T mat and we got to talking. One of the store clerks overheard us and said they had some for sale, which surprised me. He had two urban ones and a barren wasteland one. I jumped on the wasteland when I saw it hasn't been priced in a while. So, I got it without the expensive FX as well as shipping costs.

I brought it home and unboxed it just now.

It has a nice handle to pull it out of the box.. 

and the customary carrying case, which is damned useful.

A nametag for all those tournament players I guess...

Look at this thing..  6' x 4'..

It's like a giant mousepad.. very snug and did not move around very easily as the back part grabs the table (or in this case, my floor) very well..

An excellent addition to my gaming collection for miniature play for sure. Glad I added it to my other two F.A.T mats.

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