Saturday, March 5, 2016

My workbench: Scratch-built Easter Island-ish head fantasy modular terrain for 28mm

I bought this Easter Island toy thing recently thinking it will make a cheap fantasy terrain piece.. Good enough to block LOS and take cover for one or two troops...

I bought it for $1.99 so it was nice and cheap..

I got a cheap masonite panel...

Broke it apart so it won't look so unnatural as a base...

Built a milliput base to it.. Once milliput cures, it's hard as stone..

I put the head at an angle to make it look old..

Added some tall grass..

 and corn stalks...

 Put white glue around the base..

Added green grass flock..

I spray painted some light brown and made sure the bottom part of the face caught some brown to make it look like it's dirt..

Added some white glue and added a lighter coloured green flock to make it look like moss built up..

Boom.. done in an hour.. Good enough for a 28mm trooper. I suppose it can be a giant head for 15mm..

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