Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My workbench: DIY Forest and high-grass/rough terrain

I had some spare time so I finally got around to doing some boring but necessary core work, namely some forest and some high grass/rough terrain.

I bought some boards from the art store..

and broke their sharp edges a bit so they won't look unnatural..

I then got out some trees of all sizes I bought a train hobby store..

and glued their.. what do you call them.. stumps (?) to the boards. I made sure there was some space between them so I can have room to put in 25/28mm minis to traipse through the terrain pieces.

Then got out some milliput and put some tree branches on it to harden into the board. The branches I found at the park and I'm using them to simulate fallen logs

I also found some fake grass at the dollar store. I am not sure what gardeners use this plastic grass for, but I will use them as high grass for 25/28mm play.. I plucked them and stuck them on milliput clumps to harden them into the boards.

Like the forest terrain, I also made sure in the high grass terrain pieces there was room for minis to be placed as they "walk" through..

The I got out some gesso, and mixed it with some brown paint.. 

and applied it to the floor of the terrain to give it some texture..

I waited a day for the gesso to dry but I realized the "logs" were too big, so I pulled them in and substituted them with smaller twigs. I ran out of cheap black milliput, so I had to use the slightly more expensive white milliput, which ordinarily is used for fine detailing but in this case, to anchor the twigs.  I also used white milliput to put in some "boulders."

I also painted the forest floor with different shades of brown and for the boulders, black, grey and white.

I applied glue prior to flocking carefully.. very carefully....

and then flocked the terrain with different types of green flock...

And that was it.. The trees can now be taken out of their packaging and pegged to the right hole (and after I'm done, packed away again).

Please feel free to vote on this terrain on Coolmini here, with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest.

Now ready for assorted battles, from fantasy to sci-fi..

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