Friday, March 11, 2016

My Workbench: Converting a fantasy Hawkman to a Star Wars Jedi Part 2 of 3

Please see part 1

There is now the matter of how to paint the face. It seems hawks are brown feathered.

If I paint the face similarly, I'll get an all-brown miniature as Jedi's dress like Franciscan monks, in brown potato sacks.

I decided to make the Hawkman more like a parrot, with green and a bit of yellow and red..

I painted the monk's robes in a brown base and primed the lightsaber white...

I shaded and highlighted the brown robes and did the lightsaber and some of the other minor stuff..

The sculpt offered the opportunity to paint in piping at the end of the robe and badges on the sash, but I decided not to put in gold and such, but keep it simple in that vow-of-poverty look the Jedi have.

In part 3, I did the base..

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