Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My workbench: Converting a crater to an island, and other island work quickly for an upcoming nautical battle..

I am scheduled to play with my friend(s) on Saturday and decided the first game will be nautical in nature (discussed here)..

Only, I realized, I have no ready "terrain" for this.. no islands...though I did have two unpainted ones...

I am not sure how big an area or fleet we'll be playing, but maybe 1 more island might be needed. So, I decided tonight to use a prefabricated crater from Pegasus Hobbies I bought a while back to make an island out of it to be our third.

I primed all three islands first..

I filled in the crater with air-hardening clay and then I'll flock the top with green grass stuff..

The JR Miniatures terrain was kinda fun.. I'm not used to painting at such a small scale..

Work in Progress

I finished both off pretty quick.

I started working on the crater despite the fact that it will take hours for the clay to harden.. It can harden the next couple of days while being flocked..

Work in Progress

Done in a couple of hours. Shipshape for Saturday.

Feel free to vote on this at Coolmini here, with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest. Thanks.

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