Friday, March 4, 2016

My 28mm converted urban camo Orks ain't getting no respect.. What, it's the urban camouflage? :-)

Three years ago, despite a whole bunch of conversions, I posted with dismal voting on Coolmini my Ork boys in urban camo.

I see they are getting a measly 5.6 ish in voting after 3 years.  

I don't think my friend Jeff was impressed either. I mentioned at a game store once that I painted my Orks in urban camouflage and I got attitude as if they know how Space Orks dress.

Give me a break..

I primed them green at first

 and put on the urban camo

The hardest part were all the weapon conversions...

but all in all, I painted them pretty fast and good enough for tabletop combat.

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