Thursday, March 10, 2016

My Workbench: Converting a fantasy Hawkman to a Star Wars Jedi Part 1 of 3

I don't know who Larry Elmore is (a fantasy writer?), but I like this sculpt from Dark Sword miniatures... No doubt a character in his books or whatever..

So much so, that I bought two packs..

Why do I like it? I'm not sure. My mother had two parrots that my family and I grew fond of. Both loving, intelligent companions, sometimes unintentionally funny.

Even before that, I liked the idea of an aviary-like space-faring species for some reason.. my earliest recollections was Buck Roger's companion Hawk

Tomar Re who looked kinda bird-like when I read Green Lantern as a kid in the 1970s..

Star Trek the Animated Series had a bird-man..

and of course, Hawkman and Hawkwoman..

Anyways, I bought these two packs, but have no intention of painting them as is. I might take the hawk head on one and put it, say, on a bounty hunter body.. The noble-looking Eagle head living life as a space scumbag in some sort of juxtaposition, blah, blah, blah.. But that is another day..

For now, I want to turn one from a fantasy swordsman to a futuristic one with a laser-sword....

Okay, you got me.. A Jedi..

I love to convert. I find it more pleasurable than just straight up painting. So naturally, it was going to be a lightsaber instead of a sword.

What to use as a lightsaber though? I googled and googled, and couldn't find any laser sword bit for sale in any scale, let alone the 25/28mm one I was looking for.

I looked at paperclips, nails, pins, but I finally settled on that part you see in paper binder clips and cut out a length..

The sword had to go and wooooooooooof, I chopped it off.

Now, I don't know much about Dark Sword, but their sculpts are small and a bit dainty if I can use that word, in the 25mm range.. Slowly, very slowly, I manually cut out a hole in the hilt to put in the lightsaber blade.

Then I had the problem with the base. It had to go if I wanted to put it on a sci-fi ish base, but I found the metal harder than normal so it took a while to cut it out.

There was a problem though, in that the metal was hard, and even with grinding it, I could barely make a dent to remove it completely.

I was left with a couple of millimeters that were noticeable at the bottom. There was no way I could put this on a, say, a starship deck plate base and such, as it wouldn't work.

I went to a game store to look for something sci-fi ish that could cover up this damn excess..

I settled on this piping base that I could try and cover up with green stuff, to make it look like ooze or dirt on top of a pipe...

So I did that, hoping that I could minimize this when I paint it.

The good thing with all these pipes and machinery, is that I can rust it up a bit, and then put in a glow from the lightsaber, to give it that Jedi-lights-up-the-darkness thing..

I am not good with lighting effects though, so at this point, I don't know if I can pull it off..

Well, we're going to find out.. I primed it black...

In part 2, I painted the figure. 


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