Sunday, March 13, 2016

Confederate Dinosaur cavalryman and other converted historical miniatures.

I love history. Indeed I have a graduate degree in it. I know most wars of the last 200 years like the back of my hand. Hell, I just bought a Gott Mit Uns belt buckle the other day for my collection. As a kid, I was an avid Avalon Hill player; Squad Leader was very enjoyable.

And yet, with miniatures, I am restless about painting them as they were historically. I usually convert them to more sci fi, or in an alternate Earth setting, which is a favourite sub-genre of mine which I discuss throughout the blog.

Some examples:

My Confederate Dinosaur Cavalryman 

I love Weird War stuff but I find most of it centers around "Weird War II" (which is great of course) and not really on the U.S. Civil War. When there is a Weird Civil War story, it tends to get gadgety and steampunkish, as well as long explainations on how the South held off the North.

Win or lose, there can be great fun in throwing in bizarre elements that are not so obviously steampunk, like that recent movie with the Confederate vampire troops, Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Here I got a Sci-fi Raptor mount and then added a CSA Cavalryman.

One of my favourite pieces for some reason:

My kit-bashed Tiger Tank mech

I enjoyed this one just for how cheap things got. I bought a $10 Star Wars AT-ST set and a cheap Captain America toy and added a Tiger Tank Turret to make a unique mech.

Cheap Captain America toy

Some recent DNA testing likely is pointing to a vagabond named Kosminski as the culprit. Ripperologists are saying no, no, it can't be him, but they can't explain how the sperm of Kosminski, one of a small number of men whom the police suspected back then, got on to the shawl of the one of the victims. Don't give me lame excuses guys (yes, I am a Ripper buff).

And yet, that seems too disappointing for the name that went down in history.. Kosminski was a nutjob that ate garbage from the street and muttered to himself. The Jack villain of my minis needs to be more over-the-top, more steampunk and more gadgety to account for the infamy and for evading both the Metropolitan police and the London police.. 

Hence, added a rocket pack.. 

This conversion was some work to get the hand at the lever. It's not easy as many miniature enthusiasts know to convert metal. 

I also used Hirst arts moulding to build the wall and added in special tidbits like horse-manure and a discarded newspaper.  

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