Saturday, March 19, 2016

Attended Breakout, a gaming convention here in Toronto today

I went to Breakout Con at the Holiday Inn in Yorkdale here in Toronto today..

I almost did not make it as I was stunned to learn this morning that part of the subway that leads to the Holiday Inn where the convention is held is shut down for the weekend for routine repairs. This alone could have been a fiasco if the weather was bad, but luckily it was a nice day and people showed up. 

I texted my friend Jim who was going and he urged me to go despite the hassles of taking shuttle buses to get there..

There were two main rooms for playing, one for boardgames and one for RPGs mainly. It looked like a 50-50 split between RPGs and boardgames.

The usual stuff..lots of fellow geeks, some silver haired (with extra large dice for reading ease?) attended. That's the kind of hardcore gaming 30, 40 years on that amazes me...:-)

Everyone appeared friendly and it was nice to see RPGers in their element again. I remarked to Jim, and he agreed, that it was nice to see homemade GM screens with scotch-tape again. Some things never change. 

Most RPGers were playing Pathfinder and the latest edition of D&D, though there was one table at least that was playing old school AD&D 1st edition.

I don't like playing with strangers, though my friends Jim and CB didn't mind and played Dead of Winter which they brought to the convention. 

My friend Jim playing Dead of Winter
I was here to see the boardgames and especially for the auctions which I'll discuss shortly. 

An interesting game being demo'd was FFGs Rebellion...the Lion Rampant distributor volunteer at the table told me it's coming out on the 31st of this month. Definately getting it..

This thing looks good.. Look at the boardgame.. it must be 3-4 feet long and doesn't look too fiddly. 

Volunteer explaining the Rebellion rules

 Some game designers here as well..

A game library to take out games and try them out for a bit..

I got to see a wooden gaming table in action.. Looks nice and pretty..

Lots of interesting plays on the tables

The highlight for me was the "auction" room where I bought 4 1980s RPGs for $60 in total in mint condition nearly.  The deals you find at these conventions are the best thing about it if you ask me.

$60 for all of them

They must have come from the same gamer as each of these games are VF+ to near mint. I mean, look how white these pages are..

It wasn't really an auction.. You basically pay the price listed depending on the time you buy it. 12 pm, 2pm or 4pm... I was just lucky as I showed up close to 12 PM and each of them were like $10-20 each.. Not many people were around at this time.. However, if I risked waiting any longer, I could have gotten it even cheaper.

Predictably, the line up at 4pm to the auction room was packed with people trying to find deals..

A lot of the auctions were for games I have not seen in 30 years..

Somebody brought minis to be sold and one guy was selling all his X-wing in a fishing box.. 

Anyway, as discussed, I scooped up real cheap those pristine RPGs from my youth..

I also bought Wooden Ships and Iron Men for $10! A classic game that I played over 30 years ago..

Lastly, for $5, I bought this card game just for the Star Wars minis to paint.. Hell, the rules were missing but who cares.  

I think they are in pewter as well..60 to 70mm?   $5!

Even Jim got into the act, snapping up bargains..

Jim buys Sentinel Tactics

All in all, a good day!


  1. Rebellion looks cool! Time for you to invest in one of those fancy gaming tables ;)

  2. Too expensive.. as for Rebellion, for sure!