Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The FASA Mission-class can be substituted with Attack Wing's Delta Flyer

I don't know why I still buy Attack Wing ships. I have many of them, but have slowed down my purchases given I don't play much, though our recent battle was good.

Anyways, I caved in and bought the Delta Flyer today.

I know what you might be thinking. Why are you buying a suped-up shuttle?

Well, it has the suped out components of both Borg and Fed tech that might last a bit against the big capital ships.. photonic missiles, etc...

But that's not why I bought it.. It is, of all the AW ships so far, the closest I can get to FASA's Mission Class ship. This was the merchant ship that was the basis for a merchant ship campaign I GMed for 5 years back in the 80s, so I'm incredibly nostalgic for it.

The great part of the old Mission-class was the deck plans. I just loved as a teen to imagine walking the decks of this ship.

My friend Craig, who played the Captain of this ship, the SS Falcon, of course had his "special modifications" and suped it up as well.  I even converted his Captain and his ship's NPC crew to Attack Wing stats just in case we can have a battle, however unlikely.

It was unlikely that some of our FASA Starfleet characters would make one last return, but I did it when I revived some in our recent Starfleet vs Doomsday device battle, so why not a last hurrah of the scoundrels of the SS Falcon? ;-)

Attack Wing is not one to stand on accurate dimensions, so the Delta Flyer's 20m speculated length is close enough to the Mission Class's 31 meters in length.

Both ships look alike as well.

Well, good enough for an Attack Wing battle!

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  1. I'm up for it ......... not against an Enterprise class of course ;-)