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RPG archive: Our 1984-1985 Captain's Log entries playing FASA's Star Trek RPG

In 1984, our RPG group, 7 of us, played hardcore a Starfleet campaign, aboard an enterprise-class (what is now called a refit-Constitution class) starship. I was the helmsman, my friend Jim was the Captain, and my friend Craig was the weapon's officer and security chief. The other guys filled in the other department heads.

We played aboard the U.S.S. Excellence, a name one of us came up with. It wasn't a bad name, so we went with it. A friend Jer was initially the Captain on the USS Excalibur, but he did not have the leadership skills and/or desire to be one, so it drifted to Jim after I did a brief stint as Captain Langers.

Needless to say, our characters were mostly stock characters in the beginning, taken from the TOS show. One person had the Scottish engineer, another the Russian helmsman.. embarassing now, but what can I say, it was the mid-80s and were less-than-sophisticated starting out. It's not as if we were RPG babes in 1984, as most of the group were playing hardcore Top Secret from TSR for many years, so I can't explain the copycat mentality fully from TOS: All of this was long before TNG..-)

It was a short lived campaign as our least experienced and flaky GM destroyed us in 1985. Jim resurrected our ship in an Organian deus ex machina, but the damage was done. I may have done a one-off GM role just with Jim in 1986 to wrap things up but it was over sadly enough. (By 1986 anyways, our RPG group was 6 years old, which is very long lived already when it comes to teenage interests).

Luckily, I chanelled my FASA Trek RPG enthusiasm to a merchant campaign with my friend Craig for 5 years afterward.

I'm not sure why we documented our adventures. I don't recall FASA suggesting it. I guess we were "into" it. 

Our PCs:

Our Captain's log, as you can see below, starts off with really cheesy adventures, but as time went along, our RPG adventures got better and better at least.

I believe our friend Jer manually typed the first half of the logs.. These were for the most part pre-personal computer days.. Call it old school..

The log entries for posterity:

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