Friday, February 5, 2016

1:1 Prop unboxing.. Ultrasabers' Archon v3.1

My friend got a lightsaber for his kid from and teased me with a video of it.

Duly intrigued, I ordered the one that looks like Luke's in ROTJ, the Ultrasabers Archon v3.1 lightsaber in the mail.. I got the classic "good" colour, blue, instead of the evil Sith red, with the "flash on clash" option, meaning it will flash silver when clashing. I am adding this prop, to my other movie props.

These lightsaber props use LED lights and great sound to simulate the famous laserswords of Star Wars. They are specifically designed to be used in sparring, that's how tough they are supposed to be. You can see lots of "duels" online on them.

The box was as expected; long and thin. 

 It came with battery recharger, acrylic stand and a belt clip.

Unlit saber..

 The pommel

The ignite button

 Lit up

The only problem is the "Obsidian sound" is not working. I specifically ordered it with premium sound, so I'm more than disappointed. I emailed the company, and hopefully will soon ship it back to get it repaired.


Feb 25th, 2016 repair update

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  1. I challenge you to a duel !!!

    Your lightsaber vs my Glock ;-)