Thursday, January 14, 2016

Visit to Miniature World, Victoria BC, Canada

I was recently in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada on a business trip, and right beside the place I was staying at, I saw a sign that read Miniature World.

I asked around, and was told it's like a show of miniature dioramas.

Intrigued, I went after work and paid my $14 to enter, and pleased to see dioramas of all types and all scales. As a miniatures painter and assembler, I was pleased at some of the colossal dioramas they had, often at 1/35 scale (54mm). The scales was everything from HO railroad scale to 28mm to 54mm and some even larger.

Often times in a large diorama, you would see mini-dramas happening, such as say a diorama of 16th century London with dozens and dozens of minis around, and there would be a sword fight in there with two minis, and such.

A lot of the minis had day and night displays, with the lights dimming and lights within typically from a building turning on. Lots of resin water dioramas, which are neat to see. As a modeler myself, I recognize how much work went into a lot of these dioramas.

In many cases, you press a button to get trains moving, or knights jousting, or propellers spinning, and such.

Topics range from the middle ages, to fairy tales to WW2 to logging sites, to bits of Canadiana and BC history

You enter and there would be a space station diorama and what looks like a belter (asteroid mining) operation.

Their website can be found here.

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