Saturday, January 23, 2016

Game of Stones.... enjoyable session with Stone Age

My friend P.F bought me the game Stone Age from Z-Man Games for Christmas which I greatly appreciate.

I had it once before and only I played it once with mixed results with my friend Jeff. It was the fifth different boardgame Jeff and I played one day when we did a boardgame marathon, and the last one of the night, so we were exhausted when we tried it. I subsequently Kijiji'ed it to my regret. It was thus an unexpected nice Christmas present to get it back.

Now that I got it back, I sat down with my friends Jim and Pixie to try this game again. We actually played two games tonight.

Stone Age is a popular worker placement game, and scores 7.64 on BGG as of today. It won tons of awards and even has it's own app to play on your phone and iPad as you can see here on iTunes.

I was yellow, Pixie was red, and Jim was blue in game 1 and green in game 2. 

It's secret is easy rules, but great selection of strategies to win. Do you go for building right away or sneak a win through cards (such as going for multiplying victory points through arts and writing, or through population explosion (shamans), or through building, etc)? Lots of variety with just enough luck when getting resources to not be a pure boring Euro.

The meeples are nicely done as well. Jim, Pixie and myself liked the wooden dice and the leather cup. A nice thematic touch. Strangely for us old gamers, we kept using the cup to roll the dice instead of just rolling from our hands as we are wont to do.

I liked the meeples for the wood for some reason...

The bearded chieftain sitting in his primitive throne is a nice touch for the First Player marker.

I could tell Jim, Pixie and myself were enjoying the game, as we constantly made jokes...

Jim for instance, kept going for more population all the time, to which we remarked that "Jim is not hunting wabbits, but f*&&*ing like wabbits." Jim made the 70s porn music sound effect with the "bow-chica-wow-wow" every time he paired up his meeples to make babies.

Jim, as usual, is hogging the village section to get more population with his two meeples..♫ Bow-chica-wa-wa ♫

We got tons of other jokes said to each other. Several times when we rolled with the leather cup, the "cup runneth over" comment came up.

Food management is important in this game, and the three of us hogged the field sector to get the agriculture point, but also needed to hunt. We made lots of jokes about feeding caveman bellies.

Panning for gold got the inevitable "There's gold in them thar hills!" Competition for gold got fierce in the second game we played especially.

Sending 3 of my guys to pan for gold.

Quarrying for stone got the "getting stoned" comment..

Chopping wood got the ♫ "I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay"♫  ditty.

The determining hunger and food requirements phase elicited a couple of times the "Vaal Hungers" whiny quote from an infamous Star Trek episode from me.

Vaal, from the Star Trek episode "The Apple."
Jokes kept coming all night, which is not a bad thing in a game about cavemen and primitive people. I was collecting art cards at one point, and hammed up dialogue about the evils of the golden calf..

As we were getting into the game, the competition got fiercer, with everyone trying to secure building tiles.
In one round, I somehow managed to buy all 3 tiles.
I did a spectacular roll at one point when I was panning for gold. For every six rolled, you get one gold, so when I rolled the following, I got the howls of laughter as I had the tool modifiers to max out my gold.! It's all mine!
Anyways, Jim won game 1 and Pixie won game 2, scoring something like 244 points to Jim's 241.

All in all, the three of us enjoyed the game immensely. Thumbs up!


  1. An excellent game and one we should try with 4 players sometime

  2. Glade you like it. The game artwork is beautiful. Great blog!!!!!

    1. A good fun gaming session. Thanks again for the Xmas gift!