Saturday, January 16, 2016

A discussion of FASA and Star Fleet Battles Trek.

A discussion of FASA and SFB Trek by someone who worked on both, which is a rarity.. a good blast from the past.

Long Live FASA!


  1. A blast from the past with much more SFB gaming material than FASA. Almost makes me want to dredge out my SFB stuff from the basement.

    When I commented that the STAW stuff had a very SFB feel to it Craig asked why I don't just play the SFB stuff. He did have a point there. I wonder how it would compare in light of more recent games.

    1. Well, there is more bookeeping in SFB and has lots of non-canon material that I despise, compared to Attack Wing.

      Attack Wing has enough simplicity and variety to do it for me personally.

  2. I was never a fan of SFB, like you said too much non- canon material and the mechanics just didn't feel right. The FASA game was much better in my eyes but I also liked the Star Frontiers ship combat system. Attack Wing is a nice game, the ships are beautiful and the rules are elegant. I'm just nostalgic for the older games though.