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First Impressions of Star Wars: Force and Destiny RPG and character conversion J. Lancer Part 2 of 2

Please see Part 1.

Now, on to character conversion, not character creation. Jim's 1987 character Lancer played about a dozen of the official WEG adventures, plus a couple of our own, plus two year-long PBeM adventures. His character thus has been around the block, and will not start with the 110 XP.

I will invoke Knight level play, which means that such characters are on the cusp of being Jedi Knights. In WEG, there was a character type called minor Jedi as one of the default positions for Force-sensitive characters to play during the Rebellion era; Jim's character Lancer started off as one and was never a full Jedi. So, according to the rules, being on the cusp of being a Jedi Knight means I can add another 150 XP to the character, for a total of 260 points, provided I don't put any of the 150 in his attributes which are called characteristics in this game. This may be a bit conservative after everything Lancer has been through adventure wise, so I will top it off at 320 points.

Conversion will have to be a bit of an art form. One can't simply plug in stats and churn out a FFG character. For one thing, WEG had more skills than FFG's. Secondly, characteristics don't align either.

WEG attributes have no upper limit, while FFG has a limit of 5 (same with their skills).

WEG                              FFG

Dexterity                       Agility
Knowledge                    Intellect
Perception                     Presence, Cunning, Willpower
Strength                         Brawn

Someone built an excel spreadsheet, but I don't think it would give balanced characters, so I'm not going to use it.

Nope, I'm going to have to eyeball it and put the essence of the character Lancer into F&D stats as best I can.

His WEG character sheet that Jim made a long time ago:

You can see he was really good in lightsaber and blaster and getting up there with Force powers. Everything else, Lancer was average. So, I'll have to replicate that.

F&D is class based. I never really played a class-based system to be honest. Oh, maybe that time in 1980 or 1981, I played an adventure or two of AD&D, but that was about it. My RPG experiences were almost all open ended systems- Traveller, Top Secret, Star Trek, Star Wars (WEG), Gurps - all of them had no rigid classes.

So, I have to pick the character's class, and then the sub-specialization

The Force characters in F&D are:

The Consular- these Force- sensitives are into diplomacy, peace, harmony, that sort of thing.

Their specializations are

Healer, Niman Disciple and Sage - A Niman Disciple is someone who practices a lightsaber technique that focuses on defence and using telekinetics to push/pull the opponent. Some of them even use 2 lightsabers. Thus, someone with this specialization can use their Willpower instead of Brawn when using their lightsaber.

The Guardian - these Force- sensitives help the weak and oppressed.

Their specializations are:

Peacekeeper, Protector, and Soresu Defender. - A Soresu Defender is someone who practices a lightsaber technique that focuses on defence as well, but adept at intercepting blasters and lightsaber slashes. Thus, someone with this specialization can use their Intellect instead of Brawn when using their lightsaber. 

"Soresu Defenders have mastered the art of lightsaber self-defense. These martial artists are trained to remain resolute in the face of deadly perils, and can take on hordes of enemies or rains of blaster fire, armed only with a lightsaber and the omnipotent Force."

The Mystic - these Force- sensitives are deeply into the mysteries of the Force.

Their specializations are:

Advisor, Makashi Duelist and Seer. - A Makashi Duelist is someone who practices a refined and elegant lightsaber technique that emphasizes balance and precision when striking. Thus, someone with this specialization can use their Presence instead of Brawn when using their lightsaber. 

The Seeker- these Force- sensitives are mostly isolated practitioners who are explorers who let the Force guide them, but also those who help out in plagues, hunger, etc, whenever they can.

Their specializations are:

Ataru Striker, Hunter and Pathfinder. - An Ataru Striker is someone who practices an aggressive lightsaber technique that emphasizes striking from unexpected angles. Thus, someone with this specialization can use their Agility instead of Brawn when using their lightsaber. 

The Sentinel -these Force- sensitives are into hiding, blending in with the populace, and playing by their own rules.

Their specializations are:

Artisan, Shadow and Shien Expert. - A Shien Expert is someone who practices an aggressive lightsaber technique that emphasizes also striking from unexpected angles, but also battering down an opponent with violent blows. Thus, someone with this specialization can use their Cunning instead of Brawn when using their lightsaber.

and lastly, the Warrior -  these Force-sensitives are into fighting.

Their specializations are:

Aggressor, Shii-Cho Knight and Starfighter Ace. - A Shii-Cho Knight is someone who practices an aggressive lightsaber technique that emphasizes simplicity, eschew fancy moves and focuses on  eliminating the enemy with a single blow. This is one of the oldest schools of lightsaber combat. It was developed so long ago, that it predates the use of blasters.

"Shii-Cho Knights are experts in the most ancient and enduring form of lightsaber fighting. Gifted with natural athleticism and flexibility, they deliver precise blows and easily evade enemy attacks. They don’t concern themselves with style or appearance, but remain focused on what matters most – victory."

Lancer always struck me as the goody-two-shoes type, so I will choose him to be the Guardian type, who was taught the Soresu Defender style from his father before the latter was killed by Vader. However, I will give him a second Aggressor specialization in the Warrior class for an extra 30 points (20 pts for a second one, and another plus 10 for being outside the Guardian class).

As a Human, the base characteristics start off at 2 each. Lancer's WEG attributes seem pretty average, with Knowledge slightly higher, so I will spend 30 XP each to get his Intellect and Presence to 3 each. Lancer is practicing the Soresu style, so a higher Intellect will help him in lightsaber combat.

It costs 10 x the purchase rating in XP points to move up sequentially for characteristics. Thus to move to from a 2 to a 4 costs 70 XP (to move from 2 to 30 costs 30, and from 3 to 4 costs 40).

Brawn - 2
Agility - 2
Intellect -3
Cunning - 2
Willpower- 2
Presence - 3

Cost so far: 60 XP for the above Characteristics, plus 30 for 2 specializations

Humans start the game with 2 free non-career skills each at 1 rank.

I will choose given his WEG skill of 4D for Hide/Sneak and Technology each, the following FFG non-career skills at level 1.

Stealth - 1
Computers - 1

A Guardian, with the Soresu Defender and Aggressor specialization has the following career skills:

Athletics, Brawl, Coercion, Cool, Discipline, Melee, Perception, Resilience, Streetwise, Survival, Vigilance, Knowledge (Lore), Knowledge (Underworld) and Lightsaber.

He can start the game with these specializations with 2 free career skills. I choose Cool and Ranged (Light).

Cool - 1
Ranged (Light) - 1

All in all for his career skills:
                                Rank          Cost

Brawl                       2         Rank 1 (5 pts) , and 10 points for Rank 2=15 pts
Lightsaber                3          Rank 1 (5 pts) 2, (10 pts) and 3 (15pts) =30 pts
Ranged (light)           2          Free for Rank 1, and 10 points for Rank 2 =10 pts

Non- career skills

Computer                 2         Rank 1 (free) , 2 (10 pts) + 5 for non career=15pts     
Piloting (Space)        1         Rank  1 (5 pts) + 5 pts for non caeer =10 pts
Stealth                     1         Free

Costs so far: 160 pts

I will have to give him some Force powers given that Jim put a lot of experience points into the WEG Force powers rather than skills. For one thing, I should ensure that his Force Rating is at least 2.

To start I will give him some Force Talents from both the Soresu Defender and the Aggressor specializations.

Parry                                          5 pts
Soresu Technique                       10 pts
Reflect                                       10 pts
Intimidating                                 5 pts
Fearsome x 2                              10 pts+15pts
Grit                                             20 pts
Force Rating (x1)                          25 pts

Costs so far: 260 points.

Now that he has some Force Talents, need to give him some Force powers.

Enhance, Basic                                           10 pts

Enhance Control (Resilience)                     5 pts

Influence, Basic                                        10 pts
Influence, Control                                      10 pts
Move, Basic                                              10 pts
Sense, Basic                                            10 pts

Total pts                                                       315 points                

For Morality points, Lancer is not yet a paragon of Virtue, but I will pick his starting morality at 65, given Jim's refusal to take on WEG's Dark Side points all those years.

Now, I have to pick his emotional strengths and weaknesses. In this game, both of these tug at him for both the call to the Light as well as the Dark.  Row 65-72 looks about right, so his emotional strength will be Independence and his emotional weakness will be Coldness.

Starting equipment will be his father's rundown lightsaber.

Final Character sheet, converted:

I also convert another WEG character here.

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  1. Almost as if Lancer was your beloved character and not mine!

  2. If you ever want to convert him in the future, I bow to the wishes of the guy who created Lancer and will post the corrected character sheet on the blog.:-)