Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Blast from the Past: My AT-ST conversions

Everyone who has seen the original Star Wars films should be familiar with the AT-ST mech, the All-Terrain Scout-Transport, aka the "chicken leg" walker.

Well, I once bought an AT-ST model kit for $10 and decided to convert the bottom half and the top half into two bizarre mechs.

I love Weird War II stuff, so naturally I took the top half of a German Tiger Tank and stuck the AT-ST legs on the bottom.

It was a bit tricky because the parts don't fit well, so I bought a Captain America toy that seemed perfect in between part.

 You can see the toy part in it's original blue.

I stuck a side gun on the right, and the rest was easy.

Then I was left with the top half the AT-ST, so I decided, what the hell, to put rollers on it. I wanted to convey that it was heavy and churning up mud even in a snowy environment.

And voila, two bizarre mechs. Love it. I don't know what game system they will be used for, but whatevs. The conversion was fun in itself.

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