Monday, December 28, 2015

Blast from the Past: All Things Zombie escapade

I managed to find pics of an All Things Zombie: Better Dead than Zed scenario that I crafted and which Jim and I played a year or two ago. The scenario was that Jim's ATZ character heard that the Coast Guard still has a boat in town, so it is decided to make a run for it into town and get a lift out during the Zombie apocalypse. Of course, there is no one left alive in town; just Zombies, or Zeds.

It was Jim's military guy, and two NPCs if you can call them that, Bubba and Stevie at first.

I thought Jim was going to go down the center of town, but he went down the right and entered a car parts store 

Bubba didn't last very long and was killed getting out of the car parts store.

With Zombie's on his tail, Jim and Stevie enter a Burger joint..

Inside, they find 2 survivors, whom we dubbed Scumbag 1 and 2.

They burst out of the back door of the Burger joint..

Meanwhile, the car alarm from turn 1 was still going strong with lots of Zeds drawn to it.

 Jim, Stevie and a Scumbag make it to the river, but got Stevie got jumped by a Zed and was killed.

To make matters worse, I told Jim, he needed to roll doubles to get the boat going and look what happened; a Dice Hall of Fame moment.

Jim and Scumbag # 1 escape, while Bubba and Stevie were killed.

Based on my scoring sheet, Jim got 50 victory points, which was Exceptional.

2 Humans escaped: 10 points
Escape by boat: 20 points
Recovered 1 weapon: 10 points
Recovered 1 food:      10  points

Total: 50 points

It was a tense scenario and very touch and go with the Zombies. A good session.


  1. Thanks for posting, pretty cool and excellent buildings.