Thursday, December 31, 2015

Acquired the Holy of Holies.. the original Dungeons & Dragons, 1974

I happen to collect, when the mood strikes me, old RPGs from the 1980s that I played.

I moved out of my hometown and left all my RPGs back there sitting in my parents' garage. The intervening years has made me nostalgic for the good old days, so I've been slowly rebuying old RPG books.

Luckily, no one wants these old booklets as the hobby in my view is dying. Magic the Gathering and computer games have killed it off. Given the declining demand, I have been able to acquire a lot of old RPGs for a song.

Well, the postman today surprised me twice. First, by working on New Year's Eve and secondly, for delivering the Holy of Holies, the original 1974 Dungeons and Dragons, which I bought off ebay.

I came close to meeting Gary Gygax when he was in my city a couple of years ago at a sci-fi convention, but I couldn't find him in the crowd. Oh well.

I never did much D&D or AD&D, as I tended to like space opera like Traveller, Star Trek and Star Wars. I have no D&D characters that I created and am able to still have a character sheet for, as you can see in my 1980s characters listing, though I have one I believe of my friend Jim's.

It didn't help that I hated TSR at the time, the company that published D&D, though I don't remember why now.

Still, the books are what gave rise to the hobby, which at one point I loved.

Anyways, the books are in great condition for being about 40 years old. I am pleased.  I feel like that line from Spinal Tap.. don't even look at them.. don't even point... they are too Holy.

Happy New Year's everyone.

D&D boxed set, 1974

D&D boxed set, 1974

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  1. Nice find. I never played that version of the rules but I later played D&D (Not AD&D).

    Happy New Year !!